The inspiration for the 2021 autumn and winter comes from the theater world. Around the theater characters, the Lady Boss is used as the character line to develop a romantic and bizarre imagination, and construct a condensed dream synthesis. The opera actress hidden in the box made her final appearance on the giant screen. The rushing and high-pitched singing pushed the atmosphere of the show to its climax. The dream of the theater returned to reality. Wonderful moment.

The core of this season’s autumn and winter clothing is reflected in HAIZHEN’s imagination of contemporary women with classical spirit, modernism, classical elegance. Its classic is the outline of ruffles, crossed shoulder straps, and even the superposition of puff sleeves, which are widely used in the series. The language comes from the form of work uniforms in the Victorian period; its modernity is to highlight the shoulders and ties and combine with suits and skirts. Lines extend to slightly disrupt traditional proportions. There are also more traditional and surreal embellishments in accessories.

At the same time, HAIZHEN interprets the contemporary application of the concept of classical images through printing and fabrics in the 21 autumn and winter series, dismantling small and large points, images and patterns, and turning them into cross-embroidered flowers, ranunculus plants Velvet and unique floating woolen wool; the autumn and winter texture is reflected through layers of fabrics, condensing the aesthetic system on the image. It is particularly worth mentioning that Mr. Jacky Tsai, a famous British Chinese artist who once created a skull illustration for Mcqueen, a friend of HAIZHEN, also provided his “HK QUEEN STAR” work for the theater characters.